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Why do products need to be labelled and what are the functions of labels?

2018-06-14 09:56:31

In the market, all kinds of products, in addition to the bar code to make a distinction, what factors can be distinguished? Of course, the most important is the label of the product. Why should the product be labelled? What is the function of the label?

The bar code of the product represents each product, and the label represents a product. First of all, the label on the product is not only able to let the customer have a general understanding of the product in appearance, but also quickly get the information of the product from the label text, and the good label can also make the customer memorable a certain product. Secondly, product labels are loaded with important information such as manufacturer's information and product components, so labeling products is obviously so important.

What is the role of the label?

1. distinguish the characteristics of products from the appearance and attract customers' eyeballs.

2. contains important information such as manufacturer, product composition, safety production certification, production date and so on, providing reference for customers to choose products.

3. the bar code on the label represents the price and identity of each product.