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Function description of circular bottle labeling machine used in beverage indust

2018-06-14 09:55:52

When the hot summer comes, drinks are a popular product for relieving thirst and relieving thirst. The common drinks are divided into three kinds of material bottling, one for the carbonated beverage and the other for the plastic bottles for the juice drinks, and the three for the glass bottles represented by the plant flower drinks.

Because of the different materials in the three, the equipment used in the bottle surface packaging is different, for example, the aluminum bottle usually uses the jet printer, the plastic bottle uses the straight line marking machine, and the glass bottle is suitable for the labeling equipment. Please see the specific features.

The shape of glass bottled drinks is mostly round bottles, and a small number of flat bottles and special bottles. The equipment is highly automated, the speed of labeling is fast, and it can be used in beverage production line and run stably.

1, the whole machine fully automatic servo (PLC) control label, every minute label up to 200 bottles, the specific speed is related to the size of beverage bottle and label length.

2, the device adopts bottle guiding and bottle distributing mechanism, and enters the worktable equally and orderly. The photoelectric tracking is controlled by electric eye and the standard is accurate. The error is not more than + 1mm.

3, the whole machine docking beverage production line is simple, functional parameters are controlled by a unified touch screen console. The specific functions include production counting, production number setting, overload protection, fault alarm, etc.